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Pumping Equipment

I have the Hygeia brand pumping equipment. Although this company is not well known in the Abilene area, it is a popular brand in the metropolitan areas. It is a green product in that the pumps you buy are multi-user and all equipment is recyclable. The pumps have a 21 day user satisfaction guarantee and have a three year warranty. Another unique quality it has is a function allowing you to record music, your baby crying or cooing and allows you to listen to it while you are pumping. This can help with milk letdown.

When you are finished with your pump, you can send it back to the company and for a small fee it will be cleaned, re-hauled and sent to whomever you designate with another three year warranty. Each mother will need to get her own accessory kit however, as it will come into contact with milk. The accessory kit has a feature allowing you to use either large or small mouth bottles and the flange size is a 27" instead of the 24" which is usually the smallest size a pumping mom might need.

Their rental pump is similar to the Lactina rental pump but it also has the recording feature mentioned above. All Hygeia products that come into contact with milk are BPA/DEHP free. All products come with a pest screen to keep out ants, roaches and any other undesirables from the inside of the pump.

Aside from all the different features of these pumps, it is cheaper than other pumps of its caliber. I have some of these products on hand but I can also order anything I don't have for you. You can go to www.HygeiaBaby.com for more information.

However, if you don't have a specific reason to pump, then you don't need one. Pumps are not a necessary accessory just because you are a breastfeeding mom. If you have other questions, please call me at 325.673.3166 or 325.668.7908, or if you know you are going to be pumping, consider coming to the Successful Pumping class.

Breastfeeding Comfort Aids - My Brest Friend Pillow

Having your arms, back and legs well supported while you are breastfeeding makes latching and breastfeeding much more comfortable. It can even affect how successful the experience is!

There are various types of nursing pillows on the market, but my favorite is the Brest Friend pillow. It wraps around you and fastens so you don't have to chase the pillow while you are trying to position your baby. By fastening around you it keeps your baby in whatever position you are most comfortable. It also has a back support on the belt, a pocket for holding water, a phone, toys for older children or whatever else you might want close by. This pillow is also good for young children or others that may need extra support when holding your baby. The price is comparable to the Boppy pillow. This company also carries nursing covers for more privacy, extra slipcovers for your pillow and adjustable nursing stools.

If you want more information on ordering or other colors and patterns that are available contact me or visit www.MyBrestFriend.com. I have some of these products in stock or I can order whatever you need.