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Alicia Datzman

If it weren’t for Donna’s help, I would likely have given up breastfeeding before my daughter was a month old even though I desperately wanted it to work. Before my daughter was born, I read up on breastfeeding and attended a basics class. The nurses in the mother/baby unit tried to help me get off to a good start. I only called Donna because my daughter seemed to take FOREVER to nurse. At her first visit, we realized that she’d lost more weight than was healthy and was taking on very small amounts of milk. Donna helped us fix our latch issues, but also gave us a plan for how to supplement to get her weight back up while we also worked to get my supply up. She not only gave us instruction, but surrounded us with the mothering spirit of a true mentor. I was discouraged and sad because of all the weight that my daughter had lost and the realization that my supply had dwindled while I was ignorant of it all. I doubted that I’d be able to nourish my daughter like I wanted to, but Donna offered my husband and me encouragement and a plan.

That’s been almost 3 months ago. My daughter’s weight and my supply shot up in the interim. She and I both enjoy nursing when we’re together, and thanks to Donna’s instruction on pumping and help in getting my supply up, she’s able to still have my milk while I’m away working and flying for the Air Force. We’ve had and still have our tough times. Breastfeeding has not been easy for me, but I’m so thankful I didn’t give up and for the friend who recommended Donna. Her help is a true gift from God!"

- Alicia Datzman

Courtney Shelby

"Donna was amazing!! First off, with my first child, I didn't have the patience or realized the importance of nursing. With my second one, I knew how important it would be. Donna came up to the hospital when my son got out of the nicu. I was determined after he went in there to make sure I did whatever I could to ensure he would be as healthy as he could be. Donna just simply brought me a breast pump. That was when the relationship began. Since then, I have asked her so many questions on so many different occasions. She has helped me stay motivated in breastfeeding my son, even when I have been discouraged due to supply, etc. I will always refer other breastfeeding mothers to her and ensure them they will get the same treatment I receive. Donna, you have helped me and my family beyond any way we could have ever imagined. Thank you for always being there for us! The Lord is definitely looking at you and very glad in the ways you serve him! You will always stay in our hearts and we will always be more than thankful for you!!"

-Courtney Shelby

Diana Bigham

"Donna helped me nurse our first child and I was excited to have found her again for our second.  I feel blessed to have had her visit us in the comfort and privacy of our own home to work on latching issues.  She has made herself more than available to answer questions and just provide reassurance.  Thank you for your professionalism and kindness."

- Diana Bigham

Jennifer Hinkle

"Donna has been wonderful with both my kids. She is very professional and caring! With my first I thought I was doing good breastfeeding, but still wanted her advice. Donna came to my house and evaluated me and my baby. I learned so much from her that I never would have known if I hadn't contacted her. She showed me how to latch my baby on correctly, so it didn't hurt and different positions I could use that might be better for us. Being a first time Mom I was so excited to have her knowledge and caring personality to help us out.

Being a second time Mom and my baby latching on just fine I thought I was good and didn't need Donna, well my baby started to spit up all the time, gaining weight fast and was fussy. Contacting Donna was the best thing I could have done. Come to find out I was making to much milk, go figure! She told me things I could do to help decrease my supply and help my baby out.

I would recommend Donna and her expertise to anyone who is breastfeeding or wanting to breastfeed."

- Jennifer Hinkle

Kari Smith

"When we were expecting our first child, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. While I understood breastfeeding could be hard, I was not prepared for how difficult it was going to be.

About a week after being home with our newborn, I knew nursing was not going well. I was initially very reluctant to call Donna and admit I was having problems, but through my husband's encouragement, I gave her a call. I am so glad I did! We had our first meeting and I thought things would be better, but I continued to have difficulties.

When my daughter was almost a month old we met with Donna again. She has years of experience as a nurse and a lactation consultant and while my daughter was struggling unsuccessfully to latch efficiently Donna noticed she might be tongue-tied. She recommended I have my pediatrician take a look and my daughter was in fact tongue-tied. Once we had that problem resolved, breastfeeding eventually became so much more enjoyable.

Teaching my daughter how to effectively breastfeed was a long process. I met with Donna two additional times after the problem was resolved and talked with her on the phone multiple times. Before every conversation ended, she developed a plan of action for the next feedings and always gave me goals to work toward. Most importantly, I walked away from every encounter so appreciative she was there when I needed her.

I am grateful for having someone I could trust and continually encourage me in breastfeeding. I honestly could not have done this without Donna's support. I am thankful I was able to breastfeed and spend quality time with my daughter."

- Kari Smith


"I know for sure that if it weren't for Donna I would not be nursing my two month old son now.

Before I gave birth to my son I read many nursing books and figured that everything would come naturally once he was born. In the hospital I experienced severe pain every time he nursed and my nurse told me that everything was normal and he just had a "strong latch." After coming home from the hospital with cracked and bleeding nipples I began to wonder if I would always dread nursing my son. One night however my son refused to latch and after six hours and lots of tears the pediatrician told me to give him formula. After giving him formula, my son wanted to nurse about every forty five minutes to every hour that night. The next morning I called Donna at the request of my mother.

That phone call was the best decision I have ever made.

Donna came over that night and discovered that my son had lost more than ten percent of his birth weight. It turns out his "strong latch" was actually incorrect and so my milk had not yet come in. That first night I cried with Donna feeling like a terrible mother for having essentially starved my son for days. Donna comforted me and came up with a plan- first to supplement to get my son's weight up and then to get me to nurse him correctly and exclusively.

Over the next several weeks Donna answered every phone call and every question I had. She came to my house frequently to help me gain the skills I needed to nurse and to check my son's weight. I honestly do not know how I could have gotten through those weeks without her help and support. There were many nights where I considered giving up because getting my son to nurse was too difficult when he wanted the instant gratification he was used to because of the supplemental formula. I know that without Donna's help I probably would have given up but instead I am now nursing my son on demand and loving every minute of it.

Donna is one of the best and most dedicated people I have ever met. She refused to give up on me when I had given up on myself. She helped my son to gain weight and she helped me to gain the confidence I needed to breastfeed my son. I would recomend her to any mom because she truly is an amazing woman and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me!"

- Diana


"Donna, Thank you so much for all your help with breastfeeding my son. I couldn't have done it without you. We're still going strong and he weighed 16 lbs, 2 oz at his 2 month check-up!"

- Stephanie

Mauri Westbrook

"I do not have enough great things to say about Donna! When I first called her, I thought nursing was going ok. Several nurses had helped me in the hospital, although they gave some conflicting advice. I had a few "beginner" problems and a nurse had suggested I start supplementing my daughter with formula, which I did not want to do. Donna had been recommended to me so I decided to give her a call. WOW! What a difference she made. I was having pain nursing, but thought it must be normal in those first days and weeks. The moment Donna helped my daughter latch, it was a totally different experience! It was so much more comfortable. And with the right latch, my daughter seemed so much more relaxed nursing.

Things were going great, and then around 3 months old, my daughter developed reflux. This created an entirely new set of issues and my daughter stopped wanting to nurse at all. Donna hung in there with me and kept giving me ideas of things to try until we were able to find a "fix". If it weren't for Donna, I have no doubt that I would've given up nursing at that point. But with her support and expertise, I was able to continue nursing. As my daughter grows, there seems to be a curve ball thrown into the nursing experience every once in awhile. Donna is so helpful with every transition and always willing to offer a word of encouragement or that perfect tip that makes everything work smoothly again!

I remember Donna telling me, "Nursing is the most natural thing that does not always come naturally." That is so true! Even though I desperately wanted to nurse, had read books about it and researched it, I never would have made it without Donna. She is so kind and patient, and truly wants to help you succeed in your desire to nurse. I recommend her to every new nursing mom I know and truly believe consulting with her is the best chance you have to ensure nursing success! She certainly made all the difference for me!"

- Mauri Westbrook

Katie Decker

"In 2007, I gave birth to my son a month early. I had dreamed of bonding with my newborn, and was devastated beyond words that at his birth, the safest place for my baby was in an incubator instead of my arms. At birth, he just absolutely did not have the strength to latch on and nurse. During this time, I was at least comforted I could provide my precious baby breast milk via pumping and bottle feeding; but to my dismay, once my son was strong enough to nurse, he had severe nipple confusion and did not want anything but the bottle. Getting him to latch on was impossible. I also began to experience over active letdown, bleeding and cracked nipples, engorgement and extreme soreness. I would try to nurse and both my baby and I would cry. Discouraged and disheartened does not even begin to describe how I felt when I came to see Donna. After seeing all of our challenges, I really expected Donna to try to encourage me not to feel guilty, but it probably just wasn't going to happen for us. She did not do that.

Over the next several weeks Donna patiently saw me multiple times. I have never had a health care professional show me that much care, patience and support. It took seven and a half weeks before my son achieved the ability to nurse. Donna took us through several steps to get there, including frequent weigh-ins for my son, and communication with his pediatrician (who also gave her a lot of credibility). I am absolutely convinced were it not for Donna, my little one and I would have never been able to experience the bond of breastfeeding. I will be forever grateful that despite my odds, I was able to give my baby this valuable gift; I continued nursing him for 18 months. I wanted to be sure both of us got every benefit from it.

I would recommend Donna to anyone, with the highest of confidence. She obviously has a calling for this and treats mothers with kindness and respect. I always tell people, if I was able to nurse my baby despite multiple special circumstances, you can too! I will never forget, and will be forever grateful she equipped me to give the best to my baby."

- Katie Decker

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